Natalie and Michael

Nat and Michaels wedding was loving,  gentle and fun all rolled into one . I loved their approach. Their wedding was not just about them, but rather,  about their two familes coming together . It was just as important that all their friends and family enjoyed their wedding as much as they did .When a couple has this much humility and love surrounding them the pictures practically take themselves . I enjoyed every single minute of shooting their wedding, but I knew I would from the first time I met with them, and they knew it too, which made the pictures beautiful all day and night .



Burlesque March 2013


On Friday night I covered the Victorian Burlesque Championships. I photographed Burlesque years ago, but I never really understood what it was about until now. Burlesque performers are the dancers with humility .. They make fun of themselves and put it all into a tantalising show . These performers not only know how to dance but they know how to have fun ,real fun. I loved it. I will be back for the Australian championships coming up in a couple of months .


Tanya + Vince

It was great being able to photograph Tanya and Vinces wedding . I was given full freedom with my journalistic style, which is something that i love so much to do . Tanya’s sister was heavily pregnant on the wedding day and so was I so there was a lot of womens business going on in the house.

One of the best thing about weddings are the families that you also connect so closely with . On this particular morning I was talking to Tanya’s mother whose name was Francesca . I leant over and whispered to her if this baby is a girl I will call it Francesca . 2 months later i got my baby Francesca and I couldnt wait to tell Tanya .